Even tough guys want to be accepted.

Do you ever avoid talking about things because of what the other person might think? By the end of this article, that will change. 

Here’s the secret. 

At the end of the day, we all want to be accepted.

The hardest criminals, the brawniest men, the stone-cold Steve Austins’. They want love and acceptance just as much as Mrs Doubtfire and her nine cats down the road.

Listen to any interview, personal story or autobiography. Age brings the truth to the surface. With age, we stop caring so much for the wall we put up around ourselves. Age lets it slowly crumble until what you see is the real person.

And the real person? They have never changed. They were always wanting love and acceptance. Only, with time their wall has come down. 

When you realise this, being yourself is no longer scary. If someone doesn’t accept you, they probably haven’t accepted themself. They’re trying to be the thing they believe is accepted. Their rejection is not about hurting you but finding their own acceptance.

Everybody wants to be accepted, everybody wants to feel loved, and everybody is vulnerable.

Not just you.

And once your own mask’s off, you have the power to change lives. To genuinely accept those who cross your path; not agree with, flatter or even like, but accept.

Just be sure to start with yourself.

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