An effective way to either lose or keep someone in your life

Runaway wives. Back in the 20s and 30s, this was rather common.

Women would pack their life up into a suitcase and leave; never to be seen by their husbands again. They left everything behind, and simply up and vanished. Whatever these guys were doing to lose their wives, heck, it was working.

So what were they doing? Let’s ask Ronald.

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Ronald was a shearer. One day, a day like any other, he returned home from work. Only, this day was different…

“She was gone!” He told the local newspaper editor.

“At first I thought some nomad had darn taken her. I rustled up the boys, and we searched the town from top to bottom.”

“When I got back home, I tell you, my face turned beet. Red with anger. She bloody well had packed up and left. All I got was a not tellin’ me goodbye and sorry.”

“Heck though, I was I wrong to be tuckering myself out with all this anger.”

“I came home each day: House a mess, wood needn’ choppin, ants and shit everywhere, dirty clothes and not a bloody morsel to eat.”

“A week turned my home into a dump.”

“That’s when I knew why she gone and left.”

“10 years and she never got a damn word of thanks from me. Only whinging about the food, dirtying up the place, then buggering off to the pub with the fellas.”

“Yeah, if I saw her back, I’d give her a good thankn’.”

How can you lose anyone in your life?

Take them for granted.

How can you keep anyone in your life?

Thank them often. Be grateful for them regularly. Appreciate them and all they do for you daily.

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