Something we all do on the roads is killing us

You are proud of something that could kill you or someone else. But it’s not just you; it’s me too. Because we all do it. It’s something we don’t think about, at least, I never did.

The driver of the bus below even got away with killing 60 people because he did it.

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They had no chance

Sixty people woke at dawn; before dusk, they were burnt beyond recognition. Sixty lives gone. Sixty funerals to attend. Countless lives were impacted. Why did this happen?

What if I told you the bus driver was under the influence? Alcohol and drugs. How would you feel about that? A careless maniac who deserves to rot in jail for killing dozens of innocent people might come to mind. He was intoxicated, only it wasn’t alcohol and didn’t involve drugs.

He was tired.

The Sleep Problem

We often wear a lack of sleep like a badge of honour, and that’s fine. It’s when we get behind the wheel that things change. Driving tired is killing people.

Every year, 1.2 million accidents are caused by a lack of sleep-driving tired. That’s more than drugs and alcohol combined. More tragedy. More death. But it doesn’t have to happen.

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We took a stand against driving under the influence; we are saving thousands of lives.
We took a stand against driving without a seatbelt; we are saving thousands of lives.
We can take a stand against driving tired; we could be saving thousands of lives.

If you’re tired, please don’t drive – it could save your life.

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