Ever thought of writing? Here’s the only thing you need to know

This is a true story.[1]

The stench of bleach yanked him from his stupor. He woke up in a bathtub tainted with blood, ice cubes freezing his skin, and a tube protruding from his abdomen. 

He looked around, reaching for the blood-smeared note on the white tiled wall by his side.

“Call this number, tell the authorities we have taken your kidney.” [2]

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The Sun: Is this the sickest prank ever?[2]

It starts with Interest

There is an abundance of writing advice out there. Thousands of tips to turn your coal into diamonds. But it’s all pointless without one thing.


You opened this answer because it’s interesting. It sparked your curiosity; how could this be related to writing, you might wonder?

If your writing is boring, the reader won’t appreciate all the tips and tricks you’ve peppered in because they won’t read it! Sensational writing is like fine art. Without an audience, it’s worthless.

Always remember that your reader has the attention span of a goldfish with ADHD, a few seconds, that’s it! If you don’t create interest within the first few sentences, you’ve lost them forever.

How do I know this? Because I’m that goldfish.

Whatever you’re writing, make it interesting from the start, and never let go. Your words are fighting for the reader’s attention against the tyrants of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and Fortnite.

You can’t win a clean fight, but you can win a dirty one. Your weapon? Be interesting – from the start, middle, and end.

If you’re curious about the story, read the link at your discretion… you might be disappointed. The picture came from a prank video. Yes, someone did play that prank on their friend.

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