How can you identify intelligent people?

There’s only one way to identify intelligent people that will always work.

Intelligent people will listen more than they speak, but so will salespeople.

Intelligent people are curious. Do you know who else is curious? Every single one of us. When we see curiosity, maybe it’s for the joy of learning or because we see a self-serving opportunity.

Intelligent people say sorry, take responsibility, take care of themselves, wash the dishes and put the toilet seat down after using it like the rest of us. But there’s one area where they stand out.

You open your paper or scroll through your phone to find… People. What she is doing, what he is saying, what they did wrong.

When we aren’t talking about people, we start talking about things. Right now, we are in the midst of a slow recovery from Covid. When we talk about Covid, we talk about what’s happening, what we have to do and how it’s affecting us.

Have you ever noticed anyone talking about why we are doing what we’re doing in response to Covid, or maybe how it works?

If you have, then this is an intelligent person.

When everyone else is talking about Whos and Whats, Intelligent people give themselves away by Hows and Whys.

People talk about things; intelligent people talk about ideas.

Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.

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