How to know if someone likes you every time

Here’s a way to tell if anyone you like feels the same way, and it works 100% of the time.

To begin, you need to be around that person.

Ok, once you’ve spotted them, look away. Now, take three deep breaths. This is important to establish the foundation of our trick.

Next, be sure your face is relaxed and donning a slight smile. You’ll see why this is necessary for the trick soon.

Do you see them?

Now, make your way over to that person. Here comes the hard part of the trick, but it’s important. Make sure you hold your head high and walk with confidence.

At this point, you’ll be closer to them and about to approach. Here is what you do, and it works every time.

Listen closely.

You walk up to them, say hello, have a conversation and ask them out.

It works every time. Whether the answer is yes or no, you’ll always know for sure if they like you.

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You might be shy, you might be nervous, and you might be afraid of rejection. Welcome to humanity.

Nifty psychological tricks are a glass of salt water to a thirsty mouth. Tricks look like the answers to our problems, only to be superficial and hollow. Everything that holds genuine value in life is hard. The struggle is where the price is decided.

Maybe I’ll take my own advice; too bad it’s easier to dispense than practice.

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