You judge yourself and others by the wrong criteria

You’re defining yourself and success wrong. This idea will show you the only way to truly be successful.

Cleanthes understood this idea better than anyone. He was a Greek philosopher who made a name for himself championing stoicism, a popular philosophy at the time. His reputation grew as kings sought his guidance.

Despite this demand, Cleanthes toiled by dawn as a water carrier, considered a menial task and far below his own station in life. Yet, he fervently lugged water.

Why? Because he believed that there is virtue in all work. What you do isn’t noble. That comes from how you do it.

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Whatever your station in life, it is no better or worse than the station of your fellow man or woman. 

It’s how you live within your station that defines you. How you treat others, contribute to society, and do everything you do in life.

Define yourself not by what you do but by how you do it.

Virtue isn’t a possession – It’s an action. Wherever you are in life, hold your head high and judge your worth by how you live your life. When you understand this, success is only a mindset away.

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