Is university worth it?

Let’s ask Benjamin Franklin and Henry Ford.

Franklin – one of the most well-known writers and inventors – left school at ten. Ford, whose name probably gives away his achievement, quit school at fifteen.

These men both left school and things seemed to turn out ok. What you don’t see is the journey they took in getting there. They were both relentless in pursuing their ambition. But energy and drive explain only a fraction of their success.

What propelled these men to unimaginable heights?


Franklin was making use of deliberate practice before it was a thing. He would drill himself until he mastered all aspects of writing. When his older brother refused to let Franklin publish anything in his newspaper, he wrote under a pseudonym. Credit wasn’t a concern to Franklin; learning was.

Ford, on the other hand, found his education as an apprentice mechanic. Later, he became fascinated by the concept of creating the perfect automobile. He went broke five times before his vision – The Ford Model T – was realised.

These are just snapshots from their lives. You learn that both men were consumed by learning.

Is school the answer?

School is only one way to get an education. It also happens to be the easiest. It’s not perfect[2], but it’s the best we’ve got. If you have the tenacity and belief to find a better education, go for it.

Just remember that…

History is written by the victors.

Winston Churchill

For every man and woman who finds success, thousands quietly fail. Then again, failure can be the best education.

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