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  1. Lesson One - Pre-reading

    The Power of Prereading - Part One
  2. The Power of Prereading - Part Two
  3. The Power of Prereading - Part Three
  4. The Power of Prereading - Part Four
  5. The Power of Prereading - Part Five
  6. Lesson Two - Single Tasking
    Single Tasking - Part One
  7. Single Tasking - Part Two
  8. Single Tasking - Part Three
  9. Single Tasking - Part Four
  10. Single Tasking - Part Five
  11. Lesson Three - Recognition and Recall
    Recognition and Recall - Part One
  12. Recognition and Recall - Part Two
  13. Recognition and Recall - Part Three
  14. Recognition and Recall - Part Four
  15. Recognition and Recall - Part Five
  16. Lesson Four - Question Logging
    Question Logging - Part One
  17. Question Logging - Part Two
  18. Question Logging - Part Three
  19. Question Logging - Part Five
  20. Question Logging - Part Four
  21. Lesson Five - The Testing Effect
    The Testing Effect - Part One
  22. The Testing Effect - Part Two
  23. The Testing Effect - Part Three
  24. The Testing Effect - Part Four
  25. The Testing Effect - Part Five
  26. Lesson Six - Taking Notes
    Taking Notes - Part One
  27. Taking Notes - Part Two
  28. Taking Notes - Part Three
  29. Lesson Seven - Foundational Learning
    Foundational Learning - Part One
  30. Foundational Learning - Part Two
  31. Foundational Learning - Part Three
  32. Foundational Learning - Part Four
  33. Foundational Learning - Part Five
  34. Lesson eight - Deep Learning
    Deep Learning - Part One
  35. Deep Learning - Part Two
  36. Deep Learning - Part Three
  37. Deep Learning - Part Four
  38. Deep Learning - Part Five
  39. Lesson nine - High Yield Learning
    High Yield Learning - Part One
  40. High Yield Learning - Part Two
  41. High Yield Learning - Part Three
  42. High Yield Learning - Part Four
  43. High Yield Learning - Part Five
  44. Lesson ten - The Testing Effect
    The Testing Effect - Part One
  45. The Testing Effect - Part Two
  46. The Testing Effect - Part Three
  47. The Testing Effect - Part Four
  48. The Testing Effect - Part Five
  49. Lesson eleven - active and passive learning
    Active and Passive Learning - Part One
  50. Active and Passive Learning - Part Two
  51. Active and Passive Learning - Part Three
  52. Active and Passive Learning - Part Four
  53. Active and Passive Learning - Part Five
  54. Lesson twelve - Study Blocking
    Study Blocking - Part One
  55. Study Blocking - Part Two
  56. Study Blocking - Part Three
  57. Study Blocking - Part Four
  58. Study Blocking - Part Five
  59. Lesson thirteen - Linking
    Linking - Part One
  60. Linking - Part Two
  61. Linking - Part Three
  62. Linking - Part Four
  63. Linking - Part Five
  64. Lesson fourteen - Interleaving
    Interleaving - Part One
  65. Interleaving - Part Two
  66. Interleaving - Part Three
  67. Interleaving - Part Four
  68. Interleaving - Part Five
  69. Lessons fifteen - Application Questioning
    Application Questioning - Part One
  70. Application Questioning - Part Two
  71. Copy of Application Questioning - Part Three
  72. Application Questioning - Part Four
  73. Application Questioning - Part Five
  74. Lesson Sixteen - Using Tables
    Tables - Part One
  75. Tables - Part Two
  76. Tables - Part Three
  77. Tables - Part Four
  78. Tables - Part Five
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Active and Passive Learning – Part Five

Stoicable July 13, 2022


Active and Passive Learning

Here are a few ways.

  1. Summarise what you have learnt from memory after you finish your reading.
  2. Use your own words. Ditch their terminology. Convert it into your language, because this is the language your brain remembers in. Don’t use words you don’t understand or wouldn’t use yourself.
  3. Ask your questions. If you don’t understand something, write it down.
  4. Hunt the main points. Highlight, note down or mentally tag the most important parts of your text.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re taking notes “properly.”

  • Don’t note down everything that you don’t understand. You will end up taking notes the entire time and lose track of the big picture.
  • Keep your notes to no more than a sentence.
  • Use dotpoints. They keep your notes ordered.
  • Limit each dot point to a single idea.
  • Minimise the amount of notes you take. Every time you take notes, you are distracted from you learning – remember this.
  • Before taking down any notes, be sure it’s useful.

Your learning difficulty must be “just right.” Too hard, and you will become frustrated; too easy, and you’ll find yourself bored. The most effective learning should be uncomfortable, but not painful.

Take the time to ask “so what?” Question the importance and use of everything you learn. Ask yourself if it’s worth remembering.

When you appraise your learning, you are actively seeking its value. Over time, you will develop an ability to readily decide what is and isn’t worth your time. Time is your most valuable asset. Once gone, it’s lost forever.

Lesson Cards

Active and Passive Learning

Card 1

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‘The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.’ Stephan McCranie

Challenging yourself begins with accepting the discomfort of the beginner.

Card 2

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Key Idea

Prune your learning. The smaller you’re able to condense concepts, the better you understand them.

Card 3

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Key Idea

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re taking too many note, than the answer is yes. The more notes you have, the less useful they become. Keep your notes valuable – take less.

Card 4

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Key Idea

Hit your weaknesses. The effectiveness of your learning isn’t a straight line. The better you are at something, the less effective your practice becomes. Always make time for your weak points. This is where you will find your most effective learning.

Card 5

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Key Idea

‘I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.’ – Richard P Feynman


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