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  1. Lesson One - Pre-reading

    The Power of Prereading - Part One
  2. The Power of Prereading - Part Two
  3. The Power of Prereading - Part Three
  4. The Power of Prereading - Part Four
  5. The Power of Prereading - Part Five
  6. Lesson Two - Single Tasking
    Single Tasking - Part One
  7. Single Tasking - Part Two
  8. Single Tasking - Part Three
  9. Single Tasking - Part Four
  10. Single Tasking - Part Five
  11. Lesson Three - Recognition and Recall
    Recognition and Recall - Part One
  12. Recognition and Recall - Part Two
  13. Recognition and Recall - Part Three
  14. Recognition and Recall - Part Four
  15. Recognition and Recall - Part Five
  16. Lesson Four - Question Logging
    Question Logging - Part One
  17. Question Logging - Part Two
  18. Question Logging - Part Three
  19. Question Logging - Part Five
  20. Question Logging - Part Four
  21. Lesson Five - The Testing Effect
    The Testing Effect - Part One
  22. The Testing Effect - Part Two
  23. The Testing Effect - Part Three
  24. The Testing Effect - Part Four
  25. The Testing Effect - Part Five
  26. Lesson Six - Taking Notes
    Taking Notes - Part One
  27. Taking Notes - Part Two
  28. Taking Notes - Part Three
  29. Lesson Seven - Foundational Learning
    Foundational Learning - Part One
  30. Foundational Learning - Part Two
  31. Foundational Learning - Part Three
  32. Foundational Learning - Part Four
  33. Foundational Learning - Part Five
  34. Lesson eight - Deep Learning
    Deep Learning - Part One
  35. Deep Learning - Part Two
  36. Deep Learning - Part Three
  37. Deep Learning - Part Four
  38. Deep Learning - Part Five
  39. Lesson nine - High Yield Learning
    High Yield Learning - Part One
  40. High Yield Learning - Part Two
  41. High Yield Learning - Part Three
  42. High Yield Learning - Part Four
  43. High Yield Learning - Part Five
  44. Lesson ten - The Testing Effect
    The Testing Effect - Part One
  45. The Testing Effect - Part Two
  46. The Testing Effect - Part Three
  47. The Testing Effect - Part Four
  48. The Testing Effect - Part Five
  49. Lesson eleven - active and passive learning
    Active and Passive Learning - Part One
  50. Active and Passive Learning - Part Two
  51. Active and Passive Learning - Part Three
  52. Active and Passive Learning - Part Four
  53. Active and Passive Learning - Part Five
  54. Lesson twelve - Study Blocking
    Study Blocking - Part One
  55. Study Blocking - Part Two
  56. Study Blocking - Part Three
  57. Study Blocking - Part Four
  58. Study Blocking - Part Five
  59. Lesson thirteen - Linking
    Linking - Part One
  60. Linking - Part Two
  61. Linking - Part Three
  62. Linking - Part Four
  63. Linking - Part Five
  64. Lesson fourteen - Interleaving
    Interleaving - Part One
  65. Interleaving - Part Two
  66. Interleaving - Part Three
  67. Interleaving - Part Four
  68. Interleaving - Part Five
  69. Lessons fifteen - Application Questioning
    Application Questioning - Part One
  70. Application Questioning - Part Two
  71. Copy of Application Questioning - Part Three
  72. Application Questioning - Part Four
  73. Application Questioning - Part Five
  74. Lesson Sixteen - Using Tables
    Tables - Part One
  75. Tables - Part Two
  76. Tables - Part Three
  77. Tables - Part Four
  78. Tables - Part Five
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Single Tasking – Part Three

Stoicable July 9, 2022


Single Tasking

Much worse than you think.

Multitasking isn’t just ineffective – it’s actually harmful. Each time you juggle your attention between multiple tasks, you are training your brain to crave constant stimulation. The more you engage in multitasking, the shorter your capacity to focus becomes. This is especially concerning since nearly all meaningful learning requires our complete focus.

Sure. The problem is that the kind of work you get done often belongs in the bin.

The only learning you can accomplish while multitasking is shallow learning. If you’re trying to learn a new concept, forget it. you’ll always end up on the outside looking in. Difficult and worthwhile learning requires complete attention.

A busy person does a lot of things.

A productive person does the right things.

It’s because of a thing called attention residue.

Have you ever found yourself in a stressful situation, maybe a job interview, a fight or getting ready for that big race? How do you think you would go if you had to sit down and start learning right after the stressful situation. Chances are you’re going to learn nothing. But why is this?

Just because the stressful event is over, that doesn’t mean your brain will let you off the hook. This is only a luxury reserved for animals. Did you ever wonder why a deer shakes its legs so violently after escaping the jaws of a leopard? It does this to burn off any excess adrenaline, and it happily hops off back to what it was doing without a care in the world.

A deer can move on with a fresh mind. We can’t. After the stress has occurred, our mind is still playing it back over. Some of your attention remains on what just happened. Some of your attention will remain behind on the task you just came from whenever you begin a new task. This is attention residue.

The busier you are, the more tasks you’re doing. The more tasks you’re doing, the less focused you are on the work you’re doing.

Lesson Cards

Single Tasking

Card 1

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Key Idea

Keeping “busy” and constantly switching tasks interrupts the focus required for meaningful work

Card 2

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Key Idea

Deep focus can only happen when you have a single focus.

Card 3

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Key Idea

Action is only useful when it’s in the right direction. • Busy equals doing a lot of things • Productive equals doing the right things.

Card 4

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Key Idea

Every time you engage in multitasking, you train your brain to keep doing it.

Card 5

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Key Idea

The more you multitask, the more you want to. Before long, it feels uncomfortable not to.


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