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  1. Lesson One - Pre-reading

    The Power of Prereading - Part One
  2. The Power of Prereading - Part Two
  3. The Power of Prereading - Part Three
  4. The Power of Prereading - Part Four
  5. The Power of Prereading - Part Five
  6. Lesson Two - Single Tasking
    Single Tasking - Part One
  7. Single Tasking - Part Two
  8. Single Tasking - Part Three
  9. Single Tasking - Part Four
  10. Single Tasking - Part Five
  11. Lesson Three - Recognition and Recall
    Recognition and Recall - Part One
  12. Recognition and Recall - Part Two
  13. Recognition and Recall - Part Three
  14. Recognition and Recall - Part Four
  15. Recognition and Recall - Part Five
  16. Lesson Four - Question Logging
    Question Logging - Part One
  17. Question Logging - Part Two
  18. Question Logging - Part Three
  19. Question Logging - Part Five
  20. Question Logging - Part Four
  21. Lesson Five - The Testing Effect
    The Testing Effect - Part One
  22. The Testing Effect - Part Two
  23. The Testing Effect - Part Three
  24. The Testing Effect - Part Four
  25. The Testing Effect - Part Five
  26. Lesson Six - Taking Notes
    Taking Notes - Part One
  27. Taking Notes - Part Two
  28. Taking Notes - Part Three
  29. Lesson Seven - Foundational Learning
    Foundational Learning - Part One
  30. Foundational Learning - Part Two
  31. Foundational Learning - Part Three
  32. Foundational Learning - Part Four
  33. Foundational Learning - Part Five
  34. Lesson eight - Deep Learning
    Deep Learning - Part One
  35. Deep Learning - Part Two
  36. Deep Learning - Part Three
  37. Deep Learning - Part Four
  38. Deep Learning - Part Five
  39. Lesson nine - High Yield Learning
    High Yield Learning - Part One
  40. High Yield Learning - Part Two
  41. High Yield Learning - Part Three
  42. High Yield Learning - Part Four
  43. High Yield Learning - Part Five
  44. Lesson ten - The Testing Effect
    The Testing Effect - Part One
  45. The Testing Effect - Part Two
  46. The Testing Effect - Part Three
  47. The Testing Effect - Part Four
  48. The Testing Effect - Part Five
  49. Lesson eleven - active and passive learning
    Active and Passive Learning - Part One
  50. Active and Passive Learning - Part Two
  51. Active and Passive Learning - Part Three
  52. Active and Passive Learning - Part Four
  53. Active and Passive Learning - Part Five
  54. Lesson twelve - Study Blocking
    Study Blocking - Part One
  55. Study Blocking - Part Two
  56. Study Blocking - Part Three
  57. Study Blocking - Part Four
  58. Study Blocking - Part Five
  59. Lesson thirteen - Linking
    Linking - Part One
  60. Linking - Part Two
  61. Linking - Part Three
  62. Linking - Part Four
  63. Linking - Part Five
  64. Lesson fourteen - Interleaving
    Interleaving - Part One
  65. Interleaving - Part Two
  66. Interleaving - Part Three
  67. Interleaving - Part Four
  68. Interleaving - Part Five
  69. Lessons fifteen - Application Questioning
    Application Questioning - Part One
  70. Application Questioning - Part Two
  71. Copy of Application Questioning - Part Three
  72. Application Questioning - Part Four
  73. Application Questioning - Part Five
  74. Lesson Sixteen - Using Tables
    Tables - Part One
  75. Tables - Part Two
  76. Tables - Part Three
  77. Tables - Part Four
  78. Tables - Part Five
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The Power of Prereading – Part Three

Stoicable July 4, 2022



Prereading isn’t learning.

Learning is about understanding the material.

Prereading is about preparing yourself so you can better learn the material. It involves skimming your content and then creating a mental framework that you can build upon during your learning.

When you engage in learning without first prereading or exposing yourself to the content, you’re going in blind. You don’t know what’s important. Because of this, you waste time taking pointless notes while overlooking crucial information.

It’s the structure that you develop during prereading that lets you take advantage of your learning opportunities. When you have a structure, you know what you need to be listening to and what you can let pass you by.

When we begin learning something, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We can’t direct our attention effectively because everything is new. Because it’s all new, our brain doesn’t know what’s important.

This is what we call an unknown unknown. We don’t know what we don’t know.

Prereading changed this. When we preread, we begin to understand what we don’t know and need to find out. We still don’t know the material, but now we know what we don’t know. By using prereading, learning becomes a known unknown. We don’t know the content yet, but we know what we need to know, and are therefore primed to start learning.

A good chunk of this learning course is about judging the value of your learning. Time is what’s most valuable to us, so using it effectively is the cornerstone of any successful learning philosophy. One of the best ways you can judge the value of your learning is to start prereading.

When you Preread your material, your unconscious mind marks where it’s confusing and doesn’t understand something. When you begin learning the material, your mind will hone in on these areas, sometimes even without you being aware of it.

Before you begin learning, you need some kind of guide. Prereading provides you with that guide.

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Key Idea

Going into a learning opportunity prepared creates a positive experience that will push you to keep achieving. Success inspires success. Action begets action.

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Key Idea

Prereading primes your brain to focus on the most relevant material during your learning.

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Key Idea

Learning can be frustratingly slow when you don’t know what you don’t. Prereading gives you a head start that comes with direction – knowing what you don’t know.

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Key Idea

If you have no idea of your material before your dedicated learning, you won’t know what is and isn’t important.


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