The best relationship advice I never realised

It was simple yet life-altering. Obvious yet overlooked. Profound yet practical.

Become the person you want to attract.

When finding a partner, we talk about everything we want.

We want them to be intelligent. We want them to be kind. We want them to be driven.

Time passes, and it appears no one can meet our expectations. We resign ourselves to the old cliche that all the good men and women are married.

Here’s a question. Does a thief grieve, asking where all the honest people are as he pilfers another pocket? 

Then why do we ask where are all the truthful partners? While we engage in deceit.

Where are all the kind partners? While we judge others.

Where are all the responsible partners? As we neglect our own lives.

Finding your dream partner is not luck – it’s work. You must work to become the person you want to attract. The difficulty is not finding them; it’s finding who they are in yourself.

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