The doctor who thought he heard it all, until her request.

He’s cheating! There’s no way that’s my baby – It looks nothing like me.

The woman had just delivered her baby, holding it in her arms for the first time. It was an amazing moment until she looked at the cute little six-pound baby boy. The mother passed him back to the nurse, and we pick up where we left off.

I want a maternity test. Get the doctor! She yelled.

The nurse was busy juggling 6 tasks at once; it was a frenetic hospital ward. The nurse paged for the doctor without paying much attention to what the woman said.

What seems to be the problem, Mrs Reynolds? He asked.

Look at him. This baby looks nothing like me! My husband, he’s been cheating this whole time. A maternity test, I want one now. She demanded.

The doctor rolled his lips in and pressed hard, letting out an “mmhm” while nodding his head.

Please open up while I swab your mouth, mam. 

Is it meant to be a wooden popsicle stick? She asked.

It certainly is, mam. I’ll be back soon.

Fifteen minutes passed, and the woman noticed a commotion near her ward. It seemed like they were having a good time. The roaring laughter from the corridor seeped into the room. The doctor returned.

My colleagues and I have tested the sample, and we have the results. He told her.

Already! Wow, that was fast. What do they say? 

Yes, yes, we are very fast here, mam. I also have some good news for you. The baby, It’s definitely yours!

Congratulations. He added.

The mom hugged her baby. She must have been grateful for the advanced technology enabling us to determine if a baby belongs to its mother. I only wonder how people coped before this was a possibility?

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