The “So That” test will change the way you see your life

Have you heard of the “So That” Test?

If you haven’t, these two words might just change your ambitions or your life.

Right now, think of something you want from your life: A loving spouse, wealth, healthy children, career success; it doesn’t matter what it is, just think of something.

Let’s say you want to become wealthy. But why? No one wants green paper just to collect it.

It’s time to take the “So That” test.

You want to become wealthy.

So that…

You can buy your children what they need to flourish.

So that…

Your children will grow up to reach their full potential.

By questioning your goals, you uncover your true motives. By uncovering your true motives, you realise there are alternate routes to reaching those goals.

Maybe you don’t enjoy work, and it would be more worthwhile to exchange your overtime earnings for quality time with your children – quality time that is far more valuable to their development than a little more money.

You might also discover that you enjoy this time with your children much more than working overtime.

By applying the “So That” test, you can discover paths to your goals that you had never thought existed. Always question your motives.

You spend a lifetime pursuing them, so why not take a few minutes to ensure you’re going in the right direction?

“So that”… The rest is up to you.

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