The ultimate irony of life

You and I are on the tail end of an incredible journey.

In a few thousand years, we have transformed from a world that once enjoyed the brutal genocide of slaves – particularly in the colosseum – as a welcoming way to sex up the monotony of everyday life.

Each generation builds on the last as we add another layer of humanity to our rapidly improving world. Because the world is getting better in every way we can measure it.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

We live in the world we do because of the goals we have achieved, goals that strive to improve humanity. But we must be careful not to lose our humanity while achieving these goals.

Socialism has killed so we could all be equal.

Religion has killed so we can all be saved.

Capitalism has killed so we can all be wealthy.

None of these ideologies is bad; it’s losing sight in the process, that is. When the ideology becomes the focus instead of the reason that it exists in the first place – to improve humanity – is when we go wrong. 

What’s the ultimate irony?

Trying to improve humanity only to lose our own in the process.

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