This trait is the best indicator of your success

There’s one trait, and it’s twice as accurate in predicting success as IQ.

Remember the famous Stanford study, the one with the marshmallows? Well, this is when we first started clueing in to what determines success. 

The kids who waited for the second marshmallow, well, it turns out they all had something in common.

These children were more popular. They had higher-paying jobs. Their grades were better, and they ended up more successful.

The key? Willpower. Grit. Determination.

Different words. Same meaning. This isn’t an opinion. This isn’t pulled from a BuzzFeed article. It’s a fact, or as they say in Washington, a true fact.

Grit is the indicator most correlated with success.

What are you waiting for? The stone isn’t going to push itself up the hill.

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