What he said changed their relationship – so what was it

My Husband bought something that shocked me. It was so unexpected; I didn’t know what to do? I started crying.

That did not just happen, I thought. Six red roses; my Husband bought me six red roses.

As part of our women’s group, we had taken on a self-improvement project. We went home and asked our partner six things we could do better.

I asked my partner. Wanting him to be honest, I stressed how important this was.

“Ok, dear, I cannot think now. Will you kindly give me the night to think?” He told me.

The next day, a strange sight awaited me at the door. It was six red roses. I opened the card.

“I am very sorry, dear, but I cannot think of six things I would like to change about you. I love you exactly the way you are.”

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The truth is this: there are many things we might like to change about those close to us, just as there are many they would like to change about us. 

But another truth? There are even more things that we love about those close to us. When was the last time we appreciated all those things? The last time we encouraged them? 

Adapted from a paragraph of the book How to win friends and influence people – By Dale Carnegie

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