What makes people ruin their lives?

What makes people ruin their lives?

The Jones’s.

But what does this family have to do with ruining people’s lives?

I became the proud owner of a pair in 2008, right before my first basketball game. 

The shoes were perfection. They were my very first pair. To a 10-year-old boy, a Nintendo DS could only top this moment. The shoes looked amazing, felt amazing and…

I hated them.

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Steven Jones just got his hands on the latest Jordans. Suddenly, my shoes just weren’t that good. But how? It defies all logic. They were the best shoes I’ve ever had, and just last week I loved them.

It was the Jones. 

When I was too busy looking at Steven’s shoes, I couldn’t see how good mine were. We always find what we are looking for. When you can only see what everyone else has, you overlook what you have.

It was never the Jones. The entire time I just had something in my eye. It was envy.

Comparison is the greatest thief of joy.

Theodore Roosevelt
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