Why do so many relationships end in today’s generation?

Have you noticed that women’s pants don’t have pockets? The answer has a lot in common with why so relationships end.

Here’s the thing about pockets, if you’ve got them, then you don’t need to buy a bag. That’s not going to work when the company that sells your pants also sells your bags. I’ve even seen bags sold to hold the bag you bought because you don’t have pockets.

Technology is designed to stop working after some time. Clothes are sold to temp us towards our next purchase. Mcdonald’s is priced to supersize.
We are encouraged to consume.

Have you noticed that things rarely get fixed anymore? Why would they? It’s usually half the price to buy another.

Having a difficult relationship? Find a new one. Problems with your partner? Get a new one. When things get hard, when they aren’t working as they should, all we know is to go and get another.

We take this same thinking and apply it to relationships. As we hit the two-year mark – and often much earlier – the sparks turn to embers. We trade our partners in like the dryer that needs an upgrade.

Relationships end in today’s generation because in the moment it’s cheaper to buy another when the one we have isn’t working.

We don’t realise that in the long run, it’s always cheaper to try and fix something before we throw it away – even if it’s hard to see at the time.

Plus, the parts of life we are most proud of are the things we worked for. And if the relationship doesn’t work out, at least we gave it our best chance. We rarely regret the things we do. It’s the things we never do that haunt us.

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