The book worth reading before you die

There is a book worthy of reading before you die that everyone agrees on. There’s no debating this book.

The benefits of this book are abundant. It will inspire you to pick up the next book, the next, and the one after. It will unlock a curiosity that opens your eyes. Not that they were closed, but instead, you start to pay attention to things in a way you never did. You start to ask why.

This book will change your life in a way only you can understand. A way that looks similar to others looking from the outside, but within, you’ve changed. It’s a perspective change.

The book I’m talking about has many genres. You can’t pin it down to anything in particular.

What you can learn from this book changes. But after reading it, in some way, so will you. This book has the potential to impart a lifetime of knowledge in a mere afternoon of flicking pages. It distils bitter lessons into sweet fruit.

The title of the book?

Your first book

Someone who wants to read is no different to someone who doesn’t read. And as Mark Twain puts it:

The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read

Mark Twain

I’ve only been reading for the last two years, and everything has changed. I look, talk, and act the same – but I’m not the same. Books change your life in a way only you can see.

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